With clean air and water, beautiful landscapes, vibrant small towns, fantastic recreation and friendly people, our community shares a compelling vision for this place we call home. Quality of life is valued so much that many of us continue to make sacrifices just to be here.

Chaffee Common Ground enhances the community’s quality of life and that of future generations by helping to ensure healthy forests, beautiful rural landscapes, and fantastic recreation opportunities into the future. These community values were identified by the Envision Chaffee County planning initiative that created a community vision to achieve as the county grows and changes.

Common Ground supports locally based, collaborative programs and projects through a transparent grant process that leverages a portion of sales tax revenues to achieve the highest impact. Grants are evaluated using criteria available to all applicants, and are scored with a rubric that directly ties awards to the ballot initiative approved by voters in 2018. 

The Common Ground Citizens Advisory Committee oversees the program and recommends grant awards to local governments, nonprofit organizations and groups. County Commissioners make final grant decisions. Be the first to know about grant opportunities by signing up for the Chaffee Common Ground e-mail newsletter

Common Ground protects some of the county’s most spectacular scenic views, the health of forest ecosystems, watersheds and water quality, and wildlife and their habitats. The Common Ground Fund helps preserve our community’s unique character and enhances the assets that support our local economy.