Stunning Arrowpoint Ranch protected in perpetuity

Nearly 600 acres placed under a conservation easement at the Arrowpoint Ranch in 2021 are part of a Common Ground investment that will ultimately protect nearly 3,000 acres of the Upper Ark Valley’s working lands.

The Central Colorado Conservancy has completed a conservation easement on the mid-valley Arrowpoint Ranch, situated in a stunning setting along the Arkansas River and scenic Highway 285 in Nathrop.

The agreement protects nearly 600 acres of agricultural land in perpetuity. Two sisters who own the ranch have raised Highland cattle there since 1959. They practice managed grazing to improve soil health, while also irrigating hay and pasture lands and producing grass-fed beef for local restaurants.

Two sisters who own the Arrowpoint Cattle Co. raise Highland cattle using managed grazing techniques. They also grow hay and sell the grass-fed beef locally.

From calving to ultimately producing premium all-natural beef, the cattle are under the sisters’ care every step of the way, roaming and nurturing the diverse rangeland. “Like our native ancestors, we utilize the entire carcass out of respect for all these amazing creatures give to us,” Arrowpoint Cattle Co. says.

In addition to supporting working agriculture, the 598-acre conservation easement protects wildlife habitat, native grasslands, miles of streams and wetlands, and scenic views from the Collegiate Peaks Scenic Byway and Browns Canyon National Monument.

Arrowpoint Ranch is part of the Heart of the Arkansas project, which includes protecting nearby Centerville Ranch, Rawhide Ranch and Pridemore Ranch. Chaffee Common Ground investments support several of these easements, which will help protect nearly 3,000 acres of rural landscapes. 

The Heart of the Arkansas project was announced by the Conservancy in 2019. Matching funds for the easements have been secured by the Conservancy from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO), the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Common Ground also supported the protection of Lewis Ranch near Poncha Springs through the Community Conservation Connection program and a future conservation easement, contributing to local goals of connecting important wildlife habitat, waterways, and landscapes in Chaffee County.

Central Colorado Conservancy is a nationally accredited land trust based in Salida that specializes in conservation easements that protect lands from development forever. The staff works directly with land owners to ensure their needs are met when it comes to preserving their land and family history.